Emegency relief

Thanks to its unique design, the Watercase is proud to be the smallest system in the world to feature the combination of the best renowned performances in purifying water (Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis and UV disinfection).
Furthermore its integrated solar panel allows the watercase to be autonomous in energy.

Feed 50 to 100 people with safe water only a few hours after a crisis bringing with you this small flight case. Acting quickly will reduce population displacement for water scarcity, and will drastically decrease water borne desease and pendemical risk. Logistic chain from developed countries will be discharged from sending bottled water or water production heavy containers.

On site trucks, cranes and big vessels are no more necessary while water is produced directly close to every community of people. All this logistic can be reallowed to other tasks and increase efficiency of the means involved in the operation. Giving safe water access close to their initial place of living to survivors only a few hours just after the disaster will have a great influence and will reduce drastically disease emergence and population movement. The most quickly the answer is given, the less consequences there will be.

Thanks to his smallness and autonomous, Water case can be transported in a couple of hours everywhere in the world to face any critical situation allowing to free logistic capacity.

Support to deployed remote groups

Sustain people in operation with reliable, clean water in hostile and remote areas is often a very difficult logistic matter.

Watercase provides safe drinking water everywhere in any case without logistics.

Using Water Case will avoid people to be affected by water-borne disease caused by contaminated drinking water.

Watercase offers a pertinent alternative to transport bottled water or water treatment containers.

Water case can be installed in a vehicle or in a base camp. Its high performance involved technologies and smallness are key features for mobility, safety and operation success.

Field hospital and remote dispensary

Quality of cares are directly related to hygiene. Without good water, every people can become more ill after a medical operation that before.

To ensure doctors, surgeons and medical staff to perform their task in the best hygiene conditions, Watercase is the good and unique response ensuring the combination of the best renowned technologies (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and uv disinfection).

Confinement purpose

Confinement occurs when people are threatened by an out coming problem or in return when a disease impose a quarantine procedure.

In this confinement situation the Watercase offers a unique alternative to access the best water regarding the ability to recycle grey water for sanitary purpose in addition to produce purified water for drinking purpose.

In a pendemic situation confined infected people can have access to sanitary water for shower without rejecting a huge quantity of infected water outside. In a panic room in case of siege or in case of NRBC nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical risk situation, people will last longer with a limited quantity of water and will not be threatened by a malicious water contamination.