The WATERCASE is a little water factory that combines all the best and renown technologies to ensure the most reliable water.
Water case is able to either self-prime water directly from the water source or be connected to a tank or a pressurized water grid.

WATERCASE will pump your water up to 10 meters high to fill a tank.
WATERCASE do not require any cartridge replacement or chemical additive like iodine or chlorine.
WATERCASE has been designed like a mini factory that is able to clean it self automatically. Most portable products on the market do not deliver true water purification.

Big particles are first separated in a decantation area, sludge has to be drained as soon as it is needed simply by acting on a discharge valve.

Then a fine screening treatment is applied :
Ultrafiltration will remove all particles and bacteria, Reverse osmosis will remove all bacteria and viruses and UV will complete the process to ensure a pure safe water is delivered by Water Case. Thanks to this unique patented combined filtration technology and UV light, WATERCASE filters down to 0,1 nanometers. (The smallest virus known is Polio and size 25 nanometers)
Bad water is separated from the good water and discharged automatically by a separate circuit.


Self cleaning system. Do not require any chemical additive or cartridge replacement.

Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and UV light process eliminate 99,999 % of waterborne diseases, bacteria and viruses.